Gun Maintenance in Parks

Nature parks may be a wonderful place for visitors, but it’s never the same for the ones who are guarding it. Taking care of these parks doesn’t only focus on maintaining the areas through ride on mowing and gardening, but it also extends on a larger scale like making sure that the visitors are safe. While these parks are a beautiful sight to behold, they can also be a dangerous place for people who are not armed. In the Unites States, the massive greenery is home to some of the most untamed animals. Thus, nature parks are heavily guarded and patrolled by licensed authorities.

Aside from fencing the area, arming is a necessity for the caretakers and protectors of the parks. Since there are already numerous histories of people being mauled by wild deer, bitten by feral dogs, and attacked by angry hogs, having a weapon for protection becomes a need in these parks. Now that this is already mandated in a lot of nature parks in the States, weapon maintenance is a must. Here are four steps on how they do it:

Step 1: Unload the Gun

Gun maintenance is about gun cleaning. Before you start the process, you must unload the gun to prevent damages. This step must not be skipped since safety is a priority.

Step 2: Field Strip the Gun

Once safe, remove the parts of the gun. Here, you can inspect different parts of the gun thoroughly and focus on cleaning them.

Step 3: Cleaning the Gun

This step requires you to have a cloth, solvent, oil, and a brush. With the cloth and solvent, wipe off the dirt accumulated on the gun. Use the brush to clean the barrel if you can’t reach it with the cloth. Once done, grease your gun to prevent rusting.

Step 4: Reassemble the Gun

Once everything is done, reassemble your gun for next use.

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