Arthur Brooks is the founder and publisher of SPS Shooting. This blog site was created in February of 2011 to cover his passion for writing and shooting guns. Today, the blog covers different kinds of topics such as gun politics, gun’s products and accessories and current events in relation to guns. Other topics being discussed in the blog are firearms business, ethics, culture, technology and other firearms related articles.

Arthur Brooks used to work for a news channel as a cameraman and producer. After working his media experience, he moved to England to become a freelance article writer. After England, he moved to the US and founded a blog site about cameras. However, he sold it in 2010 and searched for a new consumer topic, thus becoming the “gun” guy.

When he started SPS Shooting, he faced one issue– he never used a gun before. He bought his first gun a week before his new blog about guns came out. Then, he also took a firearms class. He processed all paper works and underwent all background checks to get a permit to carry a gun. He literally introduced himself to guns. Now, he claimed to already own 18 guns. After he bought his first gun, he felt grown up and gain awareness. He described it as a “coming-of-age thing” and felt like an adult at the age of 50. He wrote down his experience as a beginner and as a pro in his blog.

Arthur Brooks’ goal for his blog is to reach 1 million unique views per month and earn money for himself and his writers. SPS Shooting also aims to be the most popular firearms-related blog in the whole world.

Today, we are faced with a lot of gun-related issues, and Arthur Brooks and his staff continue to discuss these issues and bring something new about firearms to all its readers.